Tuesday , 2 March 2021

Data Correction in MRP

  1. Data correction is required when an MRP has been inadvertently printed with wrong data. Mentionable, data correction should not be mingled with changing of information which requires proper document to do so.
  2. Requirements for data correction in MRP
    a) Manually filled in Data Correction Form (please find the Data Correction form here).
    b) A photo copy of the previous MRP.
  3. Online appointment: You need to have an appointment for this process. Please click here for online appointment and insert 0A0000000000000 as ‘Online Application No’ to book an appointment.
  4. Data correction fee(non-refundable): Please pay by Debit/Credit card at the counter. No cheque or cash is acceptable. regular applicant is £65. Students are entitled to get MRP at a concession rate. i.e. £20.00. Student must present a valid student’s ID (original) for conMRP data correction fee for cession.
  5. Processing time and delivery of passport: Normally corrected MRP is ready for delivery within 25-30 days from the date of submission. Once the passport is received by this High Commission from the DIP/Dhaka, a text message will be sent to applicant to collect the passport. Upon receiving the text, the applicant should come to the High Commission in personalong with old MRP and delivery slip. The delivery time is between 2:30-4:00 pm (Monday-Friday).
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