Tuesday , 2 March 2021

Machine Readable Passport Re-issue

Currently, the MPR is valid for 5 years and it is not renewable like the hand-written passport. As such, MRP should be reissued once the validity is about to expire. More so, MRP needs to be re-issued when someone has lost his/her present MRP. In all such cases, the information of the previous MRP must remain unchanged. Please note that any change of information in the new MRP will require proper documentation as mentioned before.

Requirements for MRP reissue against an expired MRP
  1. Manually filled in MRP Application Form (please click here to find the form).
  2. One recent passport-size photograph (55X45 mm).
  3. Original MRP along with a photocopy (page 2-3).
Requirements of MRP re-issue against a lost/ Home Office retained MRP:
  1. Manually filled in MRP Application Form (please click here to find the form).
  2. A police certificate from the local police station against a lost MRP (if possible).
  3. Duly filled in Declaration form (please find the declaration form here
  4. A photocopy of the previous MRP
  5. If the MRP is retained by the UK Home Office, a copy of the same duly certified by Home Office should be provided along with the new MRP application.
Online appointment:

You need to have an appointment for the MRP re-issue. Please click here for online appointment and insert 0A0000000000000 as ‘Online Application No’ to book an appointment.

MRP re-issue fee(non-refundable):

Please pay by Debit/Credit card at the counter. No cheque or cash is acceptable. MRP re-issue fee for regular applicant is £65.00. Students are entitled to get MRP at a concession rate. i.e. £20.00. Student must present a valid student’s ID (original) for concession.

Processing time and delivery of passport:

MRP re-issue processing time is within 25-30 days from the date of submission. Once the passport is received by this High Commission from the DIP/Dhaka, a text message will be sent to applicant to collect the passport.
Upon receiving the text, the applicant should come to the High Commission in person along with old MRP and delivery slip along with any other documents if specified by the enrollment official. The delivery time is between 2:30-4:00 pm (Monday-Friday).

Note-1:  An applicant who has attained more that 6 years of age but his/her biometric information was not recorded being a minor in the previous MRP, must have the biometric enrolment during the MRP re-issue.

Note-2:  If you want to change your photograph/signature in your reissued MRP, you nee

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